Short blogs and videos on the most frequently asked questions about web design, SEO, PPC Ads, and graphic design, online marketing, and sometime just general business talk.

Will your website make money?

I was on this cool website called answerthepublic.com which you can type a keyword in and it shows you what people are asking about regarding that keyword. The keyword I typed was “website” and some of the questions I came across are “will my website make money?”,...

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Is live chat a big deal?

For the longest time, I overlooked live chat for websites. It's never been requested by clients or prospects so I never gave it much thought. Until recently when I decided to do some research and find out if its worth integrating live chat on my website as well as...

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5 Ways To Choose The Right Web Design Company

In this 5-minute read I'll quickly go over 5 ways you can tell a good web design company from a bad one. The first 3 you can do ahead of time before contacting the company while the last 2 are things to look for and ask when reaching out to a web design company....

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Driving Away Customers

So you have a website and you have analytics tools that is showing that you’re getting traffic. However, you’re not getting any contact forms submitted, leads, sign-ups, or whatever the objective is. In other words, the conversion rate sucks. Why is that? Well, it...

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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: 4 Main Differences

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably know that there’s a tremendous value and opportunity in online marketing, specifically regarding Google and Facebook, but you’re wondering which one is best for your business, what’s the difference, and ultimately...

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Does your business website do these 7 things?

Is your website working for you? I mean it's up, it's online, but is it really working for you? As you read through the 7 basic things below I want you to take a look at your website, see where it stands on these 7 things and I promise you'll know if your website is...

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