What is our 10 step web design process for great results?

Our 10 step web design process is designed to create a positive experience for our clients getting a website. It is designed for efficiency, quality assurance, and to provide a clear roadmap for our clients. Our process includes all the steps from the moment we first meet with a client to the launch of their website, and beyond. It is a process that we have refined, and often revisit to improve. Here’s our 10 step process:

1. Initial Consultation & Web Design Quote

This is the first moment you come in contact with us and schedule a chat over the phone, zoom, or teams. We discuss and identify the goals and objectives you wish to achieve and have a productive conversation around how our web design service can accomplish those objectives.

Then we will provide you with web design quote. This quote includes the specifics we discussed as well as timeline, pricing, deliverables – all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our goal here is to educate and provide a solid understanding about what your project looks like from a professional website design and development perspective.

2. Contract & Scope of Work

Once you’ve decided to hire Grandway Marketing for your website design project, we will prepare and send you a contract to sign, which includes a detailed scope of work that ensures we’re both on the same page. Our contract is three pages long and the scope of work is typically one to two pages, depending on the complexity of the project. Simple and transparent.

At this point, we collect a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Once we receive both the signed contract and deposit, the fun parts of the web development process can start!

3. Brainstorm/Onboarding

This is the step that lays out the rest of the project. It is a deep dive into details. From expanding on the objectives we previously discussed, to figuring out the wireframe, sitemap, structure, calls to action, content, etc. We also look at various examples of great websites that we can draw inspiration from, both from a functional and a design standpoint.

At the end of this meeting, which is typically done via zoom or in person, you will have a clear idea and direction of your website design project. You will be provided with the sitemap or wireframe of your website –  basically a blueprint of what we will build, as well as a list of content and information we need.

4. Gathering Content

Not much to say here. This is the step where you and your team compile the content required for your website such as logo, brand style guide, images, videos, copy, business information, etc. 

In most cases, we create folders based on the sitemap of your website in OneDrive which, combined with the list of content, makes it easy to add content in the proper folders – ensuring a stress-free, efficient, and well-organized experience.

5. Version 1.0 Build

Using the content, sitemap, and notes from our discussions, our web developers will build the first version of your website. Sometimes, on larger websites, we build just the homepage and 1-2 other pages because your feedback could likely result in some major design changes. So rather than spending time building all the pages, we build a couple, and once a design is approved, we build the rest. That’s one of the ways we can keep the cost of building a website low and still maintain high quality work.

We typically use WordPress for building websites, with WooCommerce for e-commerce website – rarely Shopify. WordPress is the most popular platform in the world, powering small mom-and-pop shop websites to large enterprise websites. Also, you can always add virtually any functionality to WordPress via plugins and code. Furthermore, since it’s the most popular platform, your internal IT or website department will likely have some knowledge or experience in using WordPress.

Once the version 1.0 of your website is complete, we schedule a reveal meeting to present website 1.0.

6. Revision Rounds

After the website 1.0 reveal meeting, you will receive the temporary link for the new website. You and your team will have time to go over the website and discuss changes and compile a list of revisions. Sometimes, we can take that list and get to work. Other times, there’s some back-and-forth discussion as to what is possible, what is economical, and the best way to proceed with revisions.

Once we get this list of revisions, we are also usually able to build the remaining pages and functionalities of your website.

Once these revisions are completed, you and your team get another chance to review the website and provide us with another list of revisions.

Depending on the contract and scope of work – you may have two rounds of revisions, three, four, five – whatever we agreed on at the beginning. If additional revisions are required, we typically charge hourly. However, you will know well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. This is all about creating a happy, pleasant experience in addition to a great website!

7. Testing Website

After the final revision of the website, we test everything: mobile responsiveness, functionalities, contact forms, navigation, internal and external links, etc. No stone left unturned – we want your website to be as close to perfect as possible!

8. Final Approval

At this point you and your team get a chance to review the website one last time. Check for any errors or issues and approve it for launch.

9. Launch!

Depending on our arrangement launching the website involves the following:

– Disabling the coming soon page off and publishing the website on it’s official domain 
– Migrating the website to another server depending on hosting arrangements
– Setting up domain names, emails, SSL certificate, backups, DNS records
– Testing all functionality such as contact forms

10. Follow up

After a couple of weeks of your website being live, we reach out to learn about any feedback you got from your audience. We will also offer edits based on that feedback, maintenance, training, and any other services that may help you get more results out of your new website.

Looking for a web design quote?

Grandway Marketing is a digital marketing agency and Halifax web design company, specializing in WordPress web development. We also provide logo design, graphic design, SEO,  and digital marketing services.

For an accurate quote, let’s chat!

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