E-Commerce Success through Brand, SEO, Email Marketing & Online Ads: Designer Epoxy

E-Commerce Success through Brand, SEO, Email Marketing & Online Ads: Designer Epoxy

About Designer Epoxy

Designer Epoxy is a Canada based e-commerce online store that sells epoxy resin, pigments, and accessories for various epoxy applications including epoxy art, epoxy woodworking and more. 

We’ve been working with Designer Epoxy since the launch of their e-commerce brand in 2020.

Branding / Logo Design

A bold but minimalistic design, memorable and looks great on everything- their website, social media, product packaging, all consistent.

Custom E-Commerce Web Development

The website development was done using WordPress and WooCommerce and has over 100 products and advanced functionality.

Overtime we’ve added many functionalities to the website including:

  • Multi-language (EN/FR)
  • Multi-currency (CAD/USD)
  • Live Chat
  • Volume Calculator
  • Spin The Wheel Promo Game


Hundreds of visitors are finding Designer Epoxy on the first page of Google for keywords like epoxy resin, epoxy, epoxy resin Canada, and more, which is generating traffic and sales to their e-commerce website.

Video & Graphic Design

From graphic design for social media ads and email marketing campaigns to videos for online ads, we regularly create content for Designer Epoxy that they use to drive sales from various channels.

Email Marketing

Sending out monthly emails with discount codes, giveaways, is a clear winner when it comes to digital marketing strategies that drive repeat sales and customer retention to their ecommerce website.

Collaboration & In-House Marketing

Our services have been complementary to Designer Epoxy’s founder’s vision, excellent service, and in-house marketing strategies, which have been crucial to their success and are worth mentioning.

Their customer service stands well above your average e-commerce store and they have built a solid returning customer base through this. They have established a fantastic social media content strategy using user generated content to engage their target audience. Running social media ads on Facebook and Instagram is another strenght of Designer Epoxy to which we contributed nothing more than graphic design.

This case study clearly displays success in collaboration. As a marketing agency, there are aspects of your business marketing that may be best handled in-house, or that you want to keep in house and, coupled with other strategies that a marketing company can implement for you, can lead to exponential growth!

Thank you Nic for an amazing website. My ecommerce store started generating online sales within the first week of being launched and has been growing exponentially month over month. Customers always complement our user friendly website. Email marketing campaigns have been driving sales and repeat customers. Nic made it happen from Grandway Marketing. Super happy with it, and very professional. Thank you from Designer Epoxy.

–  Gabriel Nader

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