Non-Profit Digital Marketing: Web Design, SEO, PPC Ads

we are dedicated to providing customized marketing solutions for non-profit organizations. Whether you’re looking to boost your online presence, engage with supporters, or optimize your marketing strategies, we have the knowledge and experience to elevate your non-profit to new levels of impact and success.

Together, we’ll amplify your message and create a brighter future for your organization and the communities you serve.

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Non-Profit Marketing Services

Grandway Marketing stands as your comprehensive destination for non-profit marketing solutions, designed to empower a diverse spectrum of mission-driven organizations.

What makes us unique? A strong alignment with non-profit organzations missions, and values.

  • Expert Website Design & Maintenance: We create and maintain captivating websites to engage and inspire your supporters.

  • Strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Elevate your non-profit’s online presence, making it the preferred choice for those who share your mission.

  • Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): Drive targeted visibility and support by executing precise PPC campaigns that shine when it counts.

  • Google My Business Reputation Management: Safeguard your non-profit’s online image with proactive reputation management, ensuring positive reviews.

  • Efficient Email Marketing & Automation: Enhance supporter engagement and achieve measurable outcomes with streamlined email campaigns.

  • Professional Branding & Visual Design: Craft a memorable and impactful presence in the non-profit sector with tailored branding and visuals.

Discover how our specialized non-profit marketing services can empower your organization to create a better world through social good, community engagement, and ethical initiatives.

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Who is Non-Profit Marketing for?

Grandway Marketing is a dedicated to non-profit marketing, providing essential support to organizations in overcoming their distinctive challenges. We specialize in digital marketing for non-profit companies, delivering custom solutions to improve online visibility, refine marketing strategies, and effectively convey the intricate narratives and missions unique to the non-profit sector.

Our suite of services is meticulously designed for non-profit organizations with an unwavering commitment to their causes and an aspiration for growth. Whether you’re a long-standing non-profit or a budding organization, our team can alleviate the complexities of in-house marketing, allowing you to concentrate on your mission and make a more significant impact.

When it comes to digital marketing for non-profit organizations, our specialized services span a wide array of offerings, such as:


Health and Healthcare Education
Environmental Conservation Arts and Culture
Animal Welfare Community Development
Human Rights and Advocacy Public Broadcasting and Media
Science and Technology Mental Health and Counseling
Sports and Recreation Housing and Homelessness
International Aid and Development Agriculture and Food Security

How can Grandway Marketing help you?

Why face challenges and hurdles on your own? Let us be your partners in overcoming these common obstacles:

Limited Funding: Non-profits often face financial constraints that hinder their mission. Our marketing team can optimize your online presence to attract more donors and grants, effectively increasing your funding streams.

Donor Loyalty: Maintaining donor loyalty is key. We can help build lasting connections with your supporters through engaging content and personalized outreach, keeping them invested in your cause.

Fundraising Challenges: Continuous fundraising can be tough. Our team can assist your non-profit in creating effective fundraising campaigns, maximizing your chances of success in a competitive environment.

Sustainability Concerns: Ensuring your organization’s long-term sustainability is crucial. Our team will work with you to develop strategies that make your non-profit more resilient and future-proof.

Capacity Building: Developing the capacity to grow and scale operations is essential. Grandway Marketing can assist in enhancing your online infrastructure, so you’re better prepared for growth.

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: Attracting and retaining volunteers is vital. We can help you tell your story and mission effectively, making it easier to recruit and keep dedicated volunteers.

Resource Constraints: Non-profits typically have limited budgets and staff. Efficient online marketing can help maximize the impact of available resources.

Advocacy and Public Awareness: Making your mission known in a crowded media landscape is a challenge. Our team is capable of crafting compelling campaigns and boosting your brand to reach the right audience.

Adapting to Change: Staying relevant can be tough. Grandway Marketing provides strategies to keep your organization evolving in a changing world.

Impact Measurement: Demonstrating program effectiveness can be difficult. Our marketing team can help you collect and showcase data that highlights your impact, making it easier to communicate success to donors and stakeholders.

Data Security and Privacy: Protecting sensitive data is vital. Our company offers data security expertise to safeguard your organization and donors.

Crisis Management:Being prepared for crises is essential. Our team provides strategies to handle challenges effectively.

Link Building: Building quality backlinks is an integral part of SEO. Grandway Marketing can help non-profits secure valuable backlinks to boost their online authority.

Content Organization: Non-profits often have extensive content to share, and it can be challenging to organize it effectively. Web design can help structure content in a way that’s easy for visitors to find and navigate.

User Engagement: Increasing user engagement on the website is essential for non-profits. Web development can create interactive features, compelling calls to action, and intuitive navigation that keeps visitors engaged.

Mobile Optimization: With more people accessing websites on mobile devices, non-profits need mobile-optimized websites. Web development can ensure the site functions well on all screen sizes, as well as monthly web maintenance.

Non-Profit Marketing Clients

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Digital Marketing for Non-Profit Companies

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Are you seeking a reliable solution for non-profit marketing? Done with the complexities and costs of in-house marketers or unreliable freelancers?

Look no further – Grandway Marketing is the answer.

For a consistent monthly flat fee, which is often less than the expense of hiring a single in-house marketing specialist, we comprehensively manage every facet of your marketing needs, spanning from branding and web design to SEO, Google Ads, and beyond.

Experience the freedom of no long-term commitments and the assurance of no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Give us a try, on a month-to-month basis, and cancel at your convenience.

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At Grandway Marketing, we proudly stand as your strategic partner for non-profit marketing in Halifax. Our specialization lies in crafting and executing marketing strategies that yield tangible outcomes, empowering you to concentrate on what truly counts – advancing your cause and broadening your influence.

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