The Best WordPress Theme in 2022

What is the best WordPress theme in 2022?

If you’re a business owner looking for an easy to use WordPress theme that allows advanced customization without the need to touch code, then you’re about to find out the absolute best WordPress theme in 2022.

If you have a web agency or you’re a web developer, using this WordPress theme for most or all your client websites, will help you create a system. A replicable blueprint that will allow you to be provide a better service, and be more efficient and profitable at the same time.

And the winner is – Divi

As a recognized leading Halifax web design company, we’ve been using Divi theme/page builder since 2019 almost exclusively on a huge variety of web design projects. We’ve used a lot of other WordPress themes, including some of the most popular ones, and Divi beats them all at the end of the day.

The main 5 reasons I highly recommend this theme/page builder are:

1. Highly customizable

From using its own templates, or designing from scratch, you can basically do anything and get into very specific detail. It runs on a simple interface, sections, rows, and modules. It features countless features including slideshows, text boxes, toggles, menus, image galleries, video, images, text, blurbs – and each one of these modules is highly customizable.Great responsive design allows you to jump between mobile, tablet, and desktop – make adjustments for each view as needed. Out of the box, the templates and modules are good with responsiveness, but once you get into really customizing modules visually, is when you have to check mobile and tablet view to ensure a great user experience on all devices.

2. Easy to edit – no code

You can do anything without having to write or edit a single line of code. Sometimes we add a little CSS to achieve some objectives, but this is extremely minimal. Clients also love the simple interface and being able to take their website into their own hands without being tech savvy.When I personally started building WordPress websites, way back in 2016-2017, it was a steep learning curve, as I was using lots of code, plugins, using different themes for each site, etc. If I had started with Divi back then, I would’ve skipped a huge learning curve. Divi allowed me to do way more advanced things, in way less time, using simpler tools.

divi interface as the best wordpress theme in 2022

3. Versatility

No more having to install a ton of plugins for every thing you want. This theme comes packed with just about anything you’d want, so it’s an all in one solution.We often see websites that have 20-30 or more plugins – a plugin for image gallery, a plugin for a hero slideshow, a plugin for reviews slider – basically each feature has a plugin. This means more cost, more updates, requires more resources, and comes with more potential conflicts and issues.

Divi doesn’t have everything, but it has modules that you can use to achieve most objectives, keeping plugins to a minimum, therefore your website is stable, secure, and fast.

4. Support & community

It is one of the most popular themes with amazing support, constant updates, and a large community. This means it will be around for a while, they will troubleshoot and resolve any issues, and you’ll be able to source developers.The fact that it’s a very popular theme, it’s profitable to the developers, Elegant Themes, and it’s in their interest to keep at it and maintain their position. So they offer great support and they are continuously investing back into it and improving the theme, introducing new features to stay ahead. Which means your website will not become outdated or unsupported by newer versions of WordPress.

On the topic of community, let’s say your current web developer bails or goes on 3 months vacation. If you have a custom theme, a child theme, or just a rare theme, you’re shit out of luck, hoping the people you find know what they’re doing. If your website is built with Divi there are groups and communities online, like on Facebook and Reddit that are all Divi and WordPress experts – so you can always access a pool of skilled people that can work on your website.

4. Lifetime licence

Instead of annual subscription this is a one time fee making this theme probably the best value for your dollar. You can opt for annual subscription for cheaper but in the long run, lifetime is best. You can also use a licence on unlimited web design projects – this is really good if you have several websites or if you’re a developer or own a web design company.

Get Divi – the best WordPress theme in 2022 – from Elegant Themes website, or click banner below

Divi WordPress Theme

Disclaimer: Grandway Marketing is an Elegant Themes affiliate and may receive affiliate commissions. We appreciate you using the links below to get Divi and we recommend this theme/page builder regardless of any compensation.

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