The Best Hosting Company in 2022

Looking for the best website hosting in 2022?

Since 2017 we have worked with most hosting companies, and I personally had hosting services going back to 2010. I’ve tried GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, HostPapa, AWS, Dreamhost and a ton more. I’ve had hosting for a single website, for a couple websites, for tens of websites, and now we’re going to be going over 100 active websites soon, mostly client websites.

Early on before entering the web design worlld, I had a couple websites for other businesses and ran into issues with hosting providers – poor reliability, not understanding the services, poor customer and tech support, slow loading websites, and more. As Grandway, I’ve talked to hundreds of people that have had similar experiences, having limited knowledge and skills with websites and hosting.

As we started growing the amount of websites we maintained and provided hosting for, these issues became time consuming and took time away from more profitable tasks, so we searched and searched for a hosting provider.

We looked for the following characteristics:

  • Fast reliable hosting
  • Simple interface
  • Great support

The hosting provider we’ve been with for almost 2 years now is Siteground. Started with just one website on a shared server, then two. Eventually we upgraded to cloud hosting and moved all the websites we host to Siteground.

It’s been great.

The interface is very simple and easy to navigate.

The reliability is on point. WordPress websites load quick, even with lots of plugins and bloated themes, even WooCommerce. Of course, you have to pick the right plan, but their support will help you pick best option.

Talking about support, we had a fraction of the issues we used to have with other companies, but the rare occasion we had issues, their team was quick to respond, clear and easy to communicate with, and very skilled and efficient in addressing and resolving issues quickly.

We are currently hosting tens of websites, from basic simple websites to large websites, to ecommerce and everything in between, on our Siteground cloud server and rarely have any issues. Keep in mind, hosting is just hosting – these guys wont take care of the wordpress updates, content updates, or antyhing like that – but almost all hosting companies are like this.

Where to get the best hosting in 2022?

If you’re looking for a more rounded full service website maintenance, visit our web maintenance page for more information.

Alternatively you can purchase hosting directly from SiteGround here.

Disclaimer: Grandway Marketing is a Siteground affiliate and may receive affiliate commissions. We appreciate you using the links above to get hosting from siteground and we recommend this company regardless of any compensation.

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