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We offer full service website maintenance services – hosting, security, domain and DNS management, troubleshooting, content edits, additions, training, backups, WordPress updates, plugin updates, and more.

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Website Maintenance & Security

Enjoy the benefits of having a webmaster on your team without the costs of hiring a webmaster on your team.

The average web developer in Canada makes $55,000 with some junior roles a little less and senior roles can easily go beyond $80,000.

While some companies can afford and greatly benefit from hiring full-time or part-time in-house developers for website maintenance, it’s not an effective solution for every business.

One month your website might require 20 hours of work and the next month you may only need 2 hours of website maintenance on your website. Not enough steady hours to hire in-house.

Many companies in this position delegate this work to administrative staff who are typically not experts in the field of web design. They will often spend hours on tasks that should only take minutes, and may even jeopardize website’s security and functionality. Other companies gamble with freelancers who are typically hit or miss in terms of quality of work, skill, professionalism, and reliability.

Imagine having an expert web developer available on speed dial around the clock without paying a salary, without the headache of hiring, and without risking your web assets.


Benefits of hiring us as your webmaster:

✅ Have an expert web development and graphic design team at your fingertips anytime

✅ Ultra high speed web hosting service optimized for WordPress websites

✅ Add content, edit content, build new pages, and make other changes to continously improve it

✅ Save up to $50,000 or more per year

✅ We troubleshoot and resolve all WordPress issues, hosting issues, email issues or any other issues related to your business’ web assets

✅ Always be assured knowing your website is working well, fast, without issues, without any downtime

✅ Receive monthly reports of traffic and other data that can be used to make improvements and get better results


As a website maintenance and security company in Halifax specializing in WordPress website maintenance and web development, we manage clients’ websites, including hosting, regular updates, content edits, content creation (web and graphic design), backups, security, troubleshooting, training, consulting, email and domain name management – all while making sure your website is up and running, fast and secure.

Web Maintenance Pricing

starting from $85/mo.

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