What is (WaaS) Website as a Service

WaaSWebsite as a Service


Website as a Service is an approach to providing the service of web development to businesses in a similar form as Software as a Service (SaaS). Pay a monthly fee for the product including updates, maintenance, upgrades etc.

Typically, in web design, companies charge a web development fee of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands to build a website. Then they either hand over the website to the client to maintain it moving forward or they continue maintaining the website for additional costs. Both of these options are great options depending on the business.

However in both of these options, the client either knows how to maintain their website themselves, they hire internally someone to maintain it, or continue paying additional cost on top of the initial website development cost in the form of a maintenance package or hourly, etc.


How is Website as a Service (WaaS) different?


  • Avoid large initial website design cost (thousands or more)
  • Avoid hiring web developers internally
  • Avoid maintaining and updating your website yourself
  • Pay one small fee per month and get a professional business website AND a team handling all your website updates, maintenance and tasks.

What does that look like?

In terms of our WaaS offering, please check our WaaS pricing here.

We charge a small setup fee, typically 10% or less than what a typical website build would cost. Then charge a small ongoing fee per month ($109 – $249) that includes hosting, updates, maintenance, edits, uploading content, etc. We’re basically your in-house, professional, skilled web developers at a fraction of the cost.

You save money up front and in the long run! And you get a professional high quality business website maintained and taken care of to make sure that it’s always bringing value to your company!

So what’s the catch?

There is none! This is the perfect option for small businesses on a budget to access high quality web development services, regardless of the industry. Whether it’s a construction company, restaurant, mechanic, dental office, or anything in between.

However, this isn’t the proper solution for e-commerce or companies looking for custom design, design control, advanced functionality, consulting, etc. This is primarily aimed towards more “typical” businesses with simple but important website objectives and functionalities.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom web design cost and process, check out our web design page.

To learn more about our WaaS offering, please check our WaaS page.


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