Will your website make money?

As business owners, we are always looking to invest profits into stuff that will help our companies make more money, provide a positive return on investment, and avoid the stuff that will not provide any return. So, will your website make money, you ask?

The answer could be yes, or it could be no, depending on several factors.

Here’s the thing. Asking if a website will make money is asking if a car will make money. It depends on if you use it, and how you use it. It also depends if it’s a good reliable car or a rust bucket that breaks down and costs more money to repair than the money you make using it.

A website is just like that. It’s a tool that, if used properly and if the quality of the tool is good, it will provide great results.

No more analogies, let’s talk websites.

Your website will make money if you use it, and use it properly.

You have a website. Now you need to drive traffic to it, meaning you must promote the shit out of it in any and every way you can. A website without traffic is like a car without a driver; it ain’t going nowhere.

Now that you have traffic, depending on the quality of both the website and the traffic, you will get leads or sales. This is called the conversion rate.

So, the use it properly part refers to the quality of the traffic.

You need to promote your website where your target market is. When you promote it in the wrong places, even if it leads to higher traffic to your website, the conversion rate will be low because the traffic does not consist of people that would be interested in your products or services.

The average website conversion rate is 2.35%, but the top 25% websites see a conversion rate of 5.31% while the bottom 25% see a conversion rate of less than 1%, according to an analysis by WordStream. So if your website is garbage less than 1 in 100 visitors will convert into sales or leads. If your website is average, then 2 out of 100 will convert. And if your website is great, you’re seeing about 5 sales or leads per every 100 website visitors.

Your website will make money if it’s a quality website.

Let’s say you are driving traffic to your website by promoting in the right places and to the right people (your target demographic), but your conversion is low as shit. So even though you’re reaching the right people, you’re not getting any sales or leads. Why?

Could be the quality of your website. Is it outdated? Are the calls to action clear and easy? Is it easy to navigate? Is the copy good? Is it mobile responsive? And so on.

There’s a shit ton (hundreds, if not thousands) of statistics that show the importance of a quality website. Here’s only a couple:

More than 70% of small business websites do not feature call to action buttons, according to Uxeria. 88% of visitors said they would not return to a website after having a bad user experience, found Amazon Web Services.

What makes a website a good website is a great topic for a future blog post. I’ve written a similar blog post that goes over 7 things that your website should do and that one might be a good start for things to look at on your website.


Your website will make money, thus provide a positive return on investment, if you drive traffic to it by promoting it to your target audience and if it’s a great quality website.

If you’d like me to take a look at your website and find some areas for improvement, I’d love to do so at no cost. Just contact me and we’ll jump on a 15 minute call; for free – no catch, no obligations.

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